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Meet Nightline’s most recent anglophone influencers Jep, Aankana and Caitlín…

Nightline enjoys working with social media influencers and engaging in reciprocal support such as promotion through sharing one another’s platforms and collaboration via interviews and joint events. Bea Kessedjian, from Nightline Paris’ Communications Team, has been working with several influencers recently.
Jep, Caitlin and Aankana
Jep, Caitlín and Aankana

Jep Kendagor

Meet Jep! Jep is a Digital Marketing and Communication masters student from Kenya, based in Paris and studying at Rouen Business School. Jep has a fun and informative social media presence and discusses a range of topics pertinent to international students including career and study abroad tips and insights, litterature, culture, feminism and race. She shares her insights on the differences between studying in France and Kenya. Do check out Jep’s videos on mental health, her 2020 reflections and her 2021 book recommendation to name just a few of my favourites. Jep kindly created a video about our service in which she and Nightline shared both their instagram accounts.

Aankana Choudhary

Aankana is an International Marketing and Business Development masters student from India, studying at SKEMA Business School. Aankana is an engaging Youtuber who shares her personal experience and tips about moving to France, specifically aimed at the Indian community. Aankana was featured on SKEMA Business School TV giving her testimonial of studying in France as an international student during the Covid pandemic. Her Youtube videos are clear and insightful and cover a range of issues faced by the international student community such as budgeting, part time jobs, culture shock, finding accomodation and many more. Aankana took part in a virtual interview with Bea for the “How are you, vraiment” season of Vide Ton Sac. You can listen to the podcast on Nightline’s Spotify and Youtube Channel. 

Caitlín Burke

Caitlín is a first year French Studies undergraduate student at ULIP and a London/Paris based Youtuber and social media influencer. Caitlín is enthusiastic about filmmaking and creates videos all about her study abroad experience in Paris alongside other topics such as sustainability and mental health. Bea interviewed Cailtlín to find out more about her experience and motivation behind her Youtube Channel. You can listen to their conversation on Nightline’s Spotify and Youtube account. Thank you Caitlín for sharing information about Nightline in one of your most recent videos

Nightline would like to express their appreciation towards Jep, Aankana and Caitlín for their time, energy and creativity. Thank you all for the collaborative projects you’ve worked on with us; the videos, social media posts and interview podcasts. To anyone reading who may be interested in participating in similar projects do not hesitate to contact Nightline’s communications team. You do not need to have a massive social media following in order to work with us, but the more the merrier! We are keen to reach a diverse student audience so please do get in touch, you could make a real difference! 


Take care and have a mindful day.

Writer: Beatrice Kessedjian
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