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A cookie is a small computer file placed on your computer that makes it possible to analyse user behaviour when visiting a website.

Information on the use of cookies

The Nightline France website may place the following cookies on your computer:

  • a cookie for the functioning of the chat. This is a session cookie (deleted when the browser is closed), which allows you to navigate on the site while keeping your current chat. It is not possible to refuse the use of this cookie, as it  is necessary for the proper functioning of the site. 
  • a cookie to store preferences on the cookies you have accepted or refused. If you refuse the use of this cookie, the Nightline France site will not be able to memorise your preferences in terms of cookies (which means that you will have to give your preferences again each time you visit the site).
  • cookies belonging to social media networks Twitter and Instagram. The site displays content from these social networks. Twitter and Instagram can set and/or modify cookies belonging to them through this content, which allows them to analyse your behaviour when visiting several sites (as long as they display content coming from these social networks). If you refuse the use of these cookies, you will not see any content deriving from Twitter or Instagram.
  • cookies for website audience analysis (Google Analytics). These cookies analyse your behaviour in order to enable the Nightline France team to obtain statistics on site traffic and to understand how visitors use the site. This data can be used to improve the site (making the most frequently used content more accessible, improving navigation) and for communication purposes (visitor statistics). This data is stored by and accessible to Google, which enables it to analyse your behaviour when you visit several sites (as long as they use Google services, including Google Analytics). If you refuse the use of these cookies, neither Nightline France nor Google will be able to access your behaviour on the website.

Time kept

If you consent to the use of one or more cookies, they will be conserved for 13 months.