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Students, but especially former students and parents are invited to support us, even if just symbolically. Donations allow us to fund prevention activities at various levels and to launch new projects to promote the mental well-being of students. Every donation matters!
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Why Nightline?

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For a better student experience

The actions we implement across France give young people a chance to break their isolation, fight loneliness and take care of their mental health so that they can fully bloom. Whether it's through our listening service, physical and digital prevention actions, online directory, peer support training, our 250 volunteers and 25 employees do everything they can to make a difference for each student. Giving to Nightline means contributing to the academic success and social and professional integration of young people all over France and thus responding to one of the major priorities of tomorrow.

Why should I donate?


Your donation is 100% secure. We partner with Stripe, a secure, Level 1 PCI-compliant payment processor.


Your donation is tax-deductible as per your local regulations.


Your donation helps improve mental health for all students in France. You can't put a price on that!

What does my donation do?

Each donation matters

By donating €10, you allow the financing of one hour of listening service of a student by one of our volunteers trained in active listening.

By donating €20, you allow the financing of a safe return by cab for a volunteer after a night shift to his/her home.

By giving €50, you allow the financing of the installation of the means of telecommunication allowing the reception of 20 simultaneous calls on our platform.

By donating €150, you allow the financing of all the expenses of a psychological support session for our volunteers.

Your donation will also be used to cover the costs of organising training sessions for the volunteers (meals, transportation, accommodation), which are essential for the proper functioning of the listening service.

Any donation is welcome and will allow us, whatever the amount, to carry out our actions in favour of students.
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