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Our range of actions

In addition to our listening service, we are committed to students and the general public to destigmatise mental health-related issues and to implement preventive actions for higher education institutions. Since our creation in 2017, we have been working on changing mentalities by undertaking regular projects.
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Breaking the stigma

One of Nightline’s goals is to open up conversations about mental health. To do so, we organise information campaigns to promote destigmatisation and change mentalities on issues that are still taboo in France.
Additionally, each month we analyse a mental health subject by interviewing experts and collecting testimonials from students and volunteers.

Listing all psychological supports

Nightline France created an online directory listing all free psychological supports available to students in Paris. This interactive data base is updated all year long thanks to the help of higher education institutions and will soon be available for other French cities.
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Raising awareness on mental health

Throughout the year, our Prevention Team implements actions aimed at students and student associations, as well as teachers and university mental health services. These actions are meant to raise awareness on mental health matters and provide solutions to better handle student angst.
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Supporting your peers

Supporting your peers

One of Nightline's original missions is to encourage sharing common experiences and mutual support by allowing each student to get involved for his or her peers. Find out more about peer support on this page.

Taking part in the research

Nightline France takes part in the conversation on student mental health issues in France and internationally, through publications that take stock of the situation. Our reports and research aim at improving the French student mental health system.
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