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A little glossary to help you in your search

BAPU ? SIUMPPS ? Say what ?
We know that it is not easy to find your way around all these acronyms, so here is a little glossary to help you before you start your search.

The university counseling services (SSU, SUMPPS, SIUMPPS)

Dedicated to students enrolled in a university, these are services located on university campuses that offer free medical and/or psychological or psychiatric consultations.

The Bureau d'aide psychologique universitaire (BAPU)

Centres that offer free psychological support specifically for students (not just university students), especially for medium and long term therapies.

Other structures dedicated to students

Many organisations offer free psychological support to students. The ones listed here all have professional psychologists and/or psychiatrists.

There's also...

...specific psychological supports for youth and adults that you can also benefit from. Whether you are a student or not, these resources are available to you!
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The centres médico psychologiques (CMP)

Public centres that are open to all residents of a geographical area (and therefore include students living in that area). They offer free psychological and psychiatric consultations and can often receive people in emergency. To search for the CMPs in the Paris, Créteil and Versailles academies, click on the button below!

The Points accueil écoute jeune, Maisons des adolescents et Espaces Santé Jeune

Local and friendly structures that offer free psychological support and information resources on mental health to all young people up to the age of 25. To find them all over France, click on the button below!

Hospitals and helplines

You should know that hospital emergency rooms can receive you at any time, and a psychiatrist will always be present! 

There are also many helplines specialising in certain issues (addiction, loneliness, etc.) which are open to everyone. 

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I'm not studying in Paris. What should I do?

We're hoping to extend this tool to the whole of France one day. In the meantime, we're still keeping our old website,, up to date; and that website is available everywhere. Over there, you'll find a list of free psychological support services available in your académie (but there's no search engine)!

I would like to contribute to the directory

I work in a higher education institution, how do I register my structure? My institution does not appear, who should I contact?

To understand everything about how this directory is set up, you can look at the history of our project and participate by contacting

I have some questions

How does the directory work and how is the data collected ? Is my personal data being kept?

To find out everything about how the data in the directory works, you can consult our dedicated FAQ in the "Nightline Directory" section.