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Our helpline is closed for the summer

Our listening service is closed until September 2022 but don't worry, other resources remain available to take care of your mental health this summer.

Happy summer from Nightline!

Day and night

A listening service for students, by students

Nightline is the only listening service of its kind solely dedicated to students. Our student volunteers provide a supportive space for young people to speak their mind in an anonymous, confidential manner. There, students can talk about everything and anything. Our volunteers undertake active listening training and adopt a neutral point of view.

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Our ethos

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Why should we be talking about student mental health?

Because students are often left to their own devices at this pivotal time in their lives. Who hasn't experienced insomnia or anxiety during their studies? All students can be affected, especially those who are particularly isolated and vulnerable.

Nightline France, an association founded by students, aims to open up discussions about mental health and highlight the reality of student life. We want to become a helpful resource and to change the way mental health is viewed, through its free student listening service and its actions with teachers and medical staff, higher education institutions and the general public.

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