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Nightline Paris

An evening listening service for Parisian students
Open from 9pm to 2:30am Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Is the stress of Parisian life getting you down? You don’t know anyone at your school or university? You’d like to confide in fellow students, or simply talk about the last movie you went to see? Our helpline is here for you. 

Whether you are at university, studying at a specialised school or writing your thesis, we are here to listen to you. 
If you’re not a student yet, there are other helplines you can call: for example SOS Amitié or Fil Santé Jeunes.


We never record or repeat our conversations. Your secrets are safe with us!


You can express your feelings freely: there are no taboo subjects or problems “too small” for us.


We will never ask you who you are, or to share any identifying information.


We are here to listen to you, not to guide you towards a certain decision. Only you decide what you want to say or do.


Our services are free: there are no additional charges for the chat service or the calls and you won’t have to pay anything.


“I was one of the first volunteers to be trained! I recognised the need for a service like this among my peers and for that reason it was important for me to get involved in the concept of bringing Nightline to France”.

— Martha Zoumpoulaki, President of Nightline Paris, discusses her involvement in the Parisian association.

Get involved

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Do you want to join us?

Are you a student in Paris looking to get involved in an association that makes a real difference? We are always looking for new volunteers to answer our calls and chats. This experience will give you valuable listening skills and an opportunity for self growth as part of a tight-knit team.

Upcoming volunteer training dates

  • First session - 25/26 Sept. and 10/11 Oct. 2020
  • Second session - 01/02 Nov. and 10/11 Dec. 2020

Become a partner

Nightline is supported by several public and private partners. Thanks to their ongoing, valuable support, we are able to provide this service to students who need it.
If you are interested in working with us to make our listening service available to your students, or to support our student welfare initiatives, you can contact us.
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Nightline’s Calendar and News

12.11.2020 - 15.11.2020

Citizens’ Jury with Animafac and Génération Cobayes

In 2020, Nightline Paris helped organise a Citizens’ Jury on the topic of student mental health, in collaboration with Générations Coba...
18.06.2021 - 20.06.2021

Stand aux Solidays 2021

Comme tous les ans, nous serons présent·e·s aux Solidays 2021. Venez rencontrer notre équipe parisienne pour parler de santé mentale et...

Nightline France is born

Since its establishment in 2016, Nightline Paris has continued to grow and develop a broad range of projects. From university to university, Nightline Paris has received an increasing n...
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Our partners

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