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Our ambassadors

Nightline's ambassadors play a key role in making the association's voice heard by the general public, the media and the government. They carry our messages, support our campaigns and raise awareness about youth mental health issues. All of them act as volunteers for the association.
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Ambassadors committed to the student cause

Photo de Victoire

Victoire Maçon-Dauxerre

Actress in various shows, including Versailles, Vikings, Demain nous appartient, former Elite model and author of the best seller "Jamais Assez Maigre" (Les Arenes), translated into five languages and soon to be adapted to the cinema, Victoire Dauxerre raises awareness for a better representation of psychological disorders. She supported Olivier Veran's law against the extreme thinness of models, wrote podcasts for Majelan and MadmoiZelle and created the HelloPsycho website after resuming her studies in psychology.

"Most mental disorders occur during teenage years. Without even talking about mental illness, the isolation, anxiety and distress of young people has only intensified since the beginning of the pandemic. Nightline's actions, whether it's the creation of the student helpline or the destigmatization of mental health, are essential and part of my prevention efforts." – Victoire Dauxerre

Charles Cortot

Charles Cortot is a motorcycle pilot in the French and World Championships. He is 23 years old and from Montluçon.

"When I was in high school, a friend of mine was often mocked and criticized by other students because of his weight. He didn't dare talk about it and didn't know who to turn to. It really affected me to see him, lost, unhappy, not feeling well. I was happy to be there for him at that moment, to listen to him and support him.
I have always liked this side of peer aid and support and Nightline has these same values, that's why I accepted to be one of their ambassadors. I thought that Nightline would have been exactly what my friend needed at that time. A free service to listen to him, without judging him and that remains anonymous and confidential".
Photo de Charles Cortot
Photo de cyrus north

Cyrus North

Cyrus North is a content creator, initially known for his work in popularizing philosophy on YouTube.

Today, the topics he shares with his more than 1.1 million subscribers (all platforms included) are broader: introspection, sociology, personal development, culture, new technologies, but also news... His goal? Teaching us interesting things, making us question ourselves and the world around us, without ever taking itself seriously.

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