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Our team

Nightline is about people. In addition to our volunteers who take the calls and answer the chat messages, our team is made up of a Board of Directors as well as a permanent team. This page presents the people who support the organisation daily, in Paris and in our local offices.

Take 5 minutes to learn everything about the association and its team

Erkan's interview

"The association is composed of 250 volunteers located in various student cities in France. They are accompanied by a team of about 30 employees who work in the fields of communications, psychology and research to measure our impact".

— Erkan Narmanli, President of Nightline France

Who's behind Nightline France?

A Board of Directors composed of student volunteers

Nightline's Board of Directors is composed of seven members elected for two years, who meet six times a year. They develop the strategy of the association, together with the staffed chief delegate. All members of the Board of Directors are students or have completed their studies within three years of their election. Some are also still volunteering on our helpline, in which case their anonymity is preserved.

Photo d'Erkan

Erkan Narmanli

Member of the Board of Directors & President of Nightline France
photo de Nasrine

Nasrine Chafa

Member of the board
Photo de Lili Barthome

Eli Barthome

Member of the Board of Directors
photo de Lucas

Lucas Fugeard

Member of the Board of Directors & Secretary of Nightline France
Portrait de Sébastien

Sébastien Kfoury

Member of the Board of Directors
photo de Louis

Louis Soutrelle

Member of the board
photo de Julien

Julien Hong

Member of the board
Illustration member anonymous

Anonymous member

Member of the Board of Directors

A staffed team

Our staffed team is divided into 5 departments. At the head of the association, the chief delegate and her deputy work hand in hand with the board of directors and the scientific council. Each department brings together specific expertise: mental health, communication, development and administrative management. Our team of employees regularly collaborates with the association's volunteers with whom it co-constructs its projects in a community health approach.

We also welcome trainees, apprentices and civic service volunteers each year. Thanks to them for their contribution!

Portrait Nathalie

Nathalie Roudaut

Chief Delegate
photo Juliane

Juliane Mattiussi

Deputy Chief Delegate

Prevention Team

Portrait de Muriel

Muriel Bideau

Prevention Manager
Portrait of Eleonore Jarrige

Eléonore Jarrige

Doctor in Psychology in charge of Prevention in the CPGE
photo de Victoire Bovet

Victoire Bovet

Information Project Manager
Photo de Lou

Lou Benmenni-Leprince

Psychologist in charge of the Sentinel project
Photo Jeanne-Lise

Jeanne-Lise Cornin

Psychologist in charge of supporting volunteers

Resarch and analysis Team

Portrait de Camille Vansimaeys

Camille Vansimaeys

Doctor in Psychology in charge of Research
Photo de Léa Roquet

Léa Roquet

Data Scientist
Photo Julie Cartailler

Julie Cartailler

Research Fellow in Health Economics

Local Team

portrait de sophie roussel

Sophie Roussel

National Coordinator
Photo portrait d'Alice Myhre

Alice Myhre

Internal Communications and Network Officer
portrait de clara ghio

Clara Ghio

Local Coordinator in Ile-de-France
Photo de Clémence

Clémence Vivant

Local coordinator for Ile-de-France
portrait de Delphine

Delphine Julienne

Local coordinator for Auverge Rhône Alpes
photo de Léonie

Léonie Sohier

Local coordinator for Pays de la Loire
photo de Laure

Laure Gueudelot

Local coordinator for Toulouse
photo de Lucas

Lucas Legrand

Local coordinator for Lille
Portrait d'Ibtissam

Ibtissam Madi

Local coordinator for Normandie

Communications Team

photo portrait de marion jacquin

Marion Jacquin

Communications Manager
Lucile Regourd

Lucile Regourd

Head of Campaigns & PR
Photo de Timothy Young

Timothy Young

Graphic Designer

Finance & development Team

photo de Chloé

Chloé Lopez

Administrative and financial manager
Portrait de Maelle Aïssaoui

Maelle Aïssaoui

Partnership Officer
Portrait de Sophie Lavigne

Sophie Lavigne


A scientific council

The scientific council, through its opinions, is in charge of enlightening the board of directors and more broadly the teams of the association in their decision making. They discuss, evaluate and make recommendations regarding the listening service, the research projects and impact analysis, and on prevention and mental health promotion actions.

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