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Our team

Nightline is about people. In addition to our volunteers who take the calls and answer the chat messages, our team is made up of a Board of Directors as well as a permanent team. This page presents the people who support the organisation daily, in Paris and in our local offices.
Illustration of a team

Take 3 minutes to learn everything about the association and its team

Florian's interview

"Nightline France is an association according to the 1901 law. Its board of directors [mainly made up of of students] takes care of the legal side of the association and also coordinates large scale projects which are then carried out by the permanent team".

— Florian Tirana, President of Nightline France

Who is behind Nightline?

Volunteers at the heart of the organisation

Listening student volunteers, and more

Nightline’s team of volunteers is made up of students from many different nationalities and disciplines. Most of them take calls, but they can also get involved in other ways, such as by leading a team, by promoting Nightline on campuses and organising mental health actions.

A Board of Directors made up of student volunteers

Nightline’s Board of Directors is made up of seven people who meet two to three times a month. They discuss the organisation’s recent activities and implement guidelines for Nightline’s services, as well as future projects. Most of the Board of Directors’ volunteers are students. Some of them are still involved in the listening service, that’s why their identity cannot be disclosed.

Photo portrait de Florian Tirana

Florian Tirana

Member of the Board of Directors & President of Nightline France
Portrait de Patrick Skehan

Patrick Skehan

Member of the Board of Directors & Chief Delegate
Photo de Juliette Du Chateau

Juliette Duchâteau

Member of the Board of Directors
Photo portrait de Martha Zoupoulaki

Martha Zoumpoulaki

Member of the Board of Directors
Portrait de Simon Lottier

Simon Lottier

Member of the Board of Directors
Portrait de nicolas cerardi

Nicolas Cerardi

Member of the Board of Directors
Portrait de Léo Picat

Léo Picat

Member of the Board of Directors & Secretary of Nightline France

A permanent team

Photo portrait de Patrick Skehan

Patrick Skehan

Founder & Chief Delegate
Photo portrait de Daphne argyrou

Daphne Argyrou

Prevention Coordinator
Photo portrait d'Ariane

Ariane Moder

Head of Communications
07 88 05 88 36
Portrait de Myriam Paperman

Myriam Paperman

Doctor in Clinical Psychology in charge of developing Peer Support Initiatives
Portrait de Camille Vansimaeys

Camille Vansimaeys

Research and Project Analysis Officer
Portrait of Eleonore Jarrige

Eléonore Jarrige

Psychologist in charge of Prevention
Portrait de Margot Duvivier

Margot Duvivier

Coordinator for Île-de-France region
Portrait de Hannah Grain

Hannah Grain

Research Assistant
Portrait de Maelle Aïssaoui

Maelle Aïssaoui

Development Officer
Portrait de Lucile Regourd

Lucile Regourd

Campaign officer & PR
06 08 85 38 25
Photo portrait d'Alice Myhre

Alice Myhre

Communications Officer
photo portrait de marion jacquin

Marion Jacquin

Content creator
Portrait de Thibaut Thieffry

Thibaut Thieffry

Community Manager
Portrait de Sophie Lavigne

Sophie Lavigne