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An overnight listening service run by students

Our volunteers offer a welcoming space for students to speak freely and anonymously. They are trained in active listening and are available by night on the phone or on our online chat service, in French and in English.
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Our listening service

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"Good evening, Nightline, I’m listening"

From undergrads to PhDs, our listeners are students, just like you. We believe that students are the most well equipped to discuss the problems that tend to arise during this period of your life.
All our volunteers receive active listening training and learn to deal with the more difficult problems by following our main principles, here to protect your identity.

Nightline’s 4 main principles

Anonymity. We will not ask you who you are.

You will remain anonymous throughout the call and you will not be asked to share any identifying information. The same goes for the volunteers taking the calls. This principle creates a safe space for you to speak as freely as possible. 


Confidentiality. Your secrets are safe with us.

Everything you say stays between you and the volunteer. The calls and chats are not recorded nor saved. This principle allows you to build a rapport of trust between you and the listener. 

Non-judgemental. We are not here to judge you.

There is no bad reason to call. For us, nothing is taboo: the volunteers who take the calls can listen to every and any topic and don’t prioritise the topics that can be discussed.

Non-directive. We will never tell you what to do.

You will always be in charge of the conversation: the listener will never try to steer it in a certain direction. Even though they are trained in active listening, the volunteers are not mental health professionals. They will not give you advice but they will help you express your feelings.

Have a question?

To find out more about our listening service (a typical call, reasons to call, volunteer profiles…), don’t hesitate to refer to our FAQ!