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Removing the stigma around mental health in France

Since mental health is still a taboo topic in France, Nightline has decided to take action in an effort to remove the stigma. Our efforts are intended for both students and the public and aim to change the way mental health is viewed.
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Giving the floor to peers and experts

Stress, eating disorders, insomnia… Students can encounter a range of different struggles related to their mental health. Nightline addresses different topics through interviews published all throughout the school year.

Each month, we select a new topic which is broken down with the help of definitions provided by experts in the field as well as testimonies gathered from students and volunteers. You'll also be able to  find corresponding audio or written interviews analysing the topic more in depth and from different perspectives.

You can find these ressources on the Newsroom page of our site but also on our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook): interviews, audio testimonies or articles that discuss these subjects in depth and from different perspectives.

The objective is again to encourage an open a dialogue surrounding mental health among students and the general public alike, but also to shed light on issues that typically affect young people during their student life.

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