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Removing the stigma around mental health in France

Being a student in 2021 means juggling between classes, exams, student jobs...It means going through your first relationships, tight friendships, painful breakups. It means experiencing loneliness for the first time.
It's realising that mental health is part of your health.

Being a student in 2021 also means getting involved to change things together and join forces.

Loneliness, relationships, addiction, stress, discriminations, dropping out... Isn't it time to tackle these subjects?
Illustration let's talk about it

The first French campaign dedicated to student mental health

Nightline France is a pioneer when it comes to raising awareness around student mental health in France. As 31% of students showed signs of psychological distress during the first lockdown (OVE, 2020), we decided to come up with urgent solutions by listing all free psychological support available to students in all French academies on our online platform

As student mental health was deteriorating in the midst of the global pandemic, we went further in taking actions and launched a big awareness campaign #SoutienEtudiant (#StudentSupport) in November 2020.

This campaign was met with great success (media coverage in Psycom, Studyrama, Ouest France, Monsieur Student, Brut, Paulette Talks, Tapage, Period) and over 2 million people between 18 and 24 years old were reached on social media (Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok).

How are you, really?

Thanks to the participation of many content creators, a lot of people were able to testify on their mental health and speak up, including through voice notes (French influencer Bennevert received 12 000 audios for his collab with Nightline) or using our dedicated Instagram filter. We also included international students in France with the participation of content creator and student Karan Punjabi.

Join the movement #SoutienEtudiant

Nightline France takes action

Since September 2021, Nightline France has been taking further action to improve student mental health by creating content with students and experts, sharing key information and stats, launching challenges and creating other innovating content to explore all aspects of mental health.

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