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Join us to break the stigma around mental health!

Being a student means juggling classes, exams, student jobs... It means experiencing your first relationships, strong friendships, painful breakups. It means experiencing loneliness far from your family. It means becoming aware that your health is also your mental health. What if we really talked about it?

Annual prevention campaigns

Nightline France is a pioneer in raising awareness about mental health among students in France. While 31% of students showed signs of psychological distress during the period of the first French COVID lockdown (OVE, 2020), we did not hesitate to propose solutions in the heart of the emergency by listing all  free psychological support available for students across the country on our platform

Join the movement #SoutienEtudiant

Starting the conversation

At the end of 2021, Nightline launched the #JePeuxEnParler prevention campaign. Through an interactive series on Instagram @nassera_cest_toi and the website, the campaign explored two essential aspects: the point of view of the student in psychological distress, but also that of the person wishing to support a loved one.

Discover the 2020 campaign #SoutienEtudiant

How are you, really?

Thanks to the participation of many content creators, a lot of people were able to testify on their mental health and speak up, including through voice notes (French influencer Bennevert received 12 000 audios for his collab with Nightline) or using our dedicated Instagram filter. We also included international students in France with the participation of content creator and student Karan Punjabi.

Breaking the stigma all year round

Nightline France takes action

Since September 2021, Nightline France has been taking further action to improve student mental health by creating content with students and experts, sharing key information and stats, launching challenges and creating other innovating content to explore all aspects of mental health.

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