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Our Prevention Team implement actions aimed at students, student associations, teachers and medical staff to better understand everyday mental health issues.
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Interventions in Preparatory Classes (CPGE)

Offering guidance to all

Aimed at students

Preparatory classes are known for their high standards as well as the stress they can put on their students. Our Prevention Teams intervenes regularly with these students through awareness workshops, especially during the back to school period. During these interventions students are given a booklet which aim is to help them cope with this particularly intense period of their lives. Throughout the year, our volunteers also give presentations among students to raise awareness. 

Photo of an intervention at Chaptal
A student during a workshop at Chaptal



Aimed at teachers

For CPGE professors, the Prevention Team offers a workshop on student mental health awareness, the objective of which is to provide knowledge and tools on how to help students deal with their difficulties and, on how to give them the best possible support. The Prevention Team also distributes a booklet to professors in order to guide them.

Aimed at medical staff 

For the preparatory classes' medical staff, Nightline sets up group talks to analyse practices between different institutions. We also offer a toolkit of resources and practical exercises to help the medical staff accompany students through their various issues (stress, self-esteem, etc.). Last but not least, we help establish partnerships between schools and free external care structures nearby.

Providing a customised toolkit

Photo of our Prevention Booklet

A support system custom-made to each establishment

During its interventions, the Prevention team distributes a tool-kit to students as to raise their awareness of certain mental health issues. It contains a mini mental health dictionary written by our clinical psychologist, a survival guide to preparatory classes, and scientific surveys that help you take stock of your situation.

This kit also presents free, custom-made psychic support facilities nearby to each establishment.

To sum up

Resources at your institution, introduces you to the people at your institution to whom you can turn to, according to your needs. 

Well being and mental disorders, talks to you about your well-being and provides you with a Mini Mental Health Dictionary to help you understand and identify the different psychic disorders out there.

Who's who? explains the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist and tells you about all the different professionals you can turn to according to your needs.

Nearby health facilities, gives you the addresses and the practical details regarding the nearest, free health facilities.

Tips and tricks to survive your preparatory class marathon, provides you with tips, information and resources to coach you all throughout the marathon that is a preparatory class. It allows you to give the best of yourself during the long run ahead.

Taking stock, offers you various free scientific surveys that help you get to know yourself and/or take stock on a particular subject.