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University Mental Health Day 2021

We are over half way through the second academic year in which Covid 19 has had a significant impact on our lives. The pandemic has affected each and every one of us, globally, but today we specifically recognise its impact on student mental health.

Today is University Mental Health Day across the United Kingdom (UK). Despite University Mental Health Day being a UK initiative, we can use this day to shed light on student mental health in France too. Here at Nightline France, we cater not only to francophone but also anglophone students. 1 in 8 students in higher education in France are foreign nationals, many of whom come from the UK and some, such as the students who attend our partner the University of London Institute in Paris, are experiencing life in Paris as a foreign student whilst attending a UK university. Our other partners with a high anglophone foreign student demographic include SKEMA Business School and HEC Business School.  We are working closely with all our partners to carry out initiatives specifically targeted at supporting foreign students.

What is University Mental Health Day?

It is an awareness day run by two UK charities: Student Minds and the University Mental Health Advisors Network (UMHAN). Universites up and down the UK put on mental health awareness talks and events for students, this year they will be held online. Visit the University Mental Health Day website, or simply click here to access online events happening today. One you’re on the website, select a location on the map for more information.

I’m a foreign student in France looking for psychological support, where can I turn?

Nightline France offers a 100% free listening service for anglophone students in Paris, Saclay, Lille and recently Lyon. We are looking to expand our network nationwide. Students in these locations can access our student volunteer led telephone listening service by calling 01 88 32 12 33 or by visiting our website and contacting us via our chat messaging service. All of our volunteers are trained in active listening and will give you the space and time to express yourself freely and talk about anything and everything that may be weighing on your mind. 


If you are looking for more directive psychological support, please see the “available support services section” on the website which Nightline France has created to effectively signpost students towards free support available to them. Here you will find the relevant contact details for mental health professionals in your local area who speak English and be able to set up a meeting, potentially in person, if not online. 

Nightline France wishes you a calm day this University Mental Health Day

We hope that today you are able to take a moment to stop, breathe deeply and relax. You may find the BACES acronym helpful. Every day, try to incorporate something into your day which is good for your Body, gives you a sense of Achievement, Connection and Enjoyment. Some activities may cater to one or more of these. Such as calling a loved one may fulfil your sense of connection as well as enjoyment or going for a run or practising yoga may give you a sense of achievement whilst nourishing your body. Also try to include some time to Step back, put things into perspective if you catch yourself spiralling, catastrophizing or getting highly emotionally involved in your thoughts to the point where it is tiring or distressing. You may find this self help website useful as it gives further explanations and examples regarding the BACES technique, as well as our tips section of the website. 


Happy University Mental Health Day to all students no matter where you are right now, what you’re doing, where you come from, your mental health is important and we urge you to take the time to nurture it. Do not hesitate to contact Nightline if you have any queries about mental health support services in France or are interested in getting involved with any of our projects. Stay tuned for our upcoming campaigns and events such as Mental Health Awareness Week. And remember, no problem is too small. Have a mindful day. 


Writer: Beatrice Kessedjian
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