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Nightline France is born

Since its establishment in 2016, Nightline Paris has continued to grow and develop a broad range of projects. From university to university, Nightline Paris has received an increasing number of calls, reaching a total of 1500 calls in the Spring of 2019! 2019 was also the year we opened an anglophone helpline dedicated to international students living in Paris, which was a major step for the organisation.
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The adventure continues as other nightlines are opened in cities across France

We’re expanding once more as Nightline is now going to be exported to other French cities: Lyon, Grenoble, Saclay, Lille… Nightline Paris has also now become Nightline France and its permanent team of employees based in Paris is expanding.

The adventure continues nationwide for Nightline : Lyon, Saclay, Lille... Nightline Paris has also become Nightline France and its permanent team of employees based in Paris is growing.
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Among Nightline France’s new objectives are: the opening of new helplines across France, as well as a new online directory of free student mental health support facilities. Nightline France is also becoming a reference point for all things related to student mental health thanks to public reports and campaigns aimed at removing the stigma around mental health. The organisation wants people to start opening up about their own experience of mental health,  as it is still a taboo in France to do so.

While students are at the centre of our organisation, we would also like to reach the public and institutional spheres. By including those working for higher education institutions in the conversation, we would be able to make a greater impact on student well-being as these professionals take on supportive roles with students on a daily basis. All in all, we’re very pleased to announce the beginning of this new chapter for Nightline and can’t wait to start helping students nationwide. 


Writer: Allisson Haas | English: Bea Kessedjian
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