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Measuring our impact using scientific methods

Nightline France is committed to rigorously measuring the impact of each of its actions on the mental health of the student community. We tell you more about how we proceed here!
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Methodological rigor at the heart of our impact analysis

Nightline takes an evidence-based approach to its work. The evaluation of each project is based on rigorous methods that provide evidence of the impact of our actions on student mental health, whether in the area of prevention or destigmatisation.

A community-based approach

Asking the student community to take part in our actions is a strength for the design and evaluation of our actions. Our research team and psychologists work closely with the student community on various projects, including research and evaluation of our actions. The richness of the students' experiential knowledge is thus combined with the professional expertise of the researchers and psychologists in order to take the best possible action for student mental health.
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