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In 2024, I'm taking care of my mental health

New year, new resolutions. How about taking care of your mental health in 2024?
Nightline offers many solutions: contact our helpline open every evening from 8.30pm, find a mental health professional using our online directory, or explore the First Aid Kit! Happy New Year to you, you're not alone.
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A listening service for students, by students

Nightline is the only listening service of its kind solely dedicated to students. Our student volunteers provide a supportive space for young people to speak their mind in an anonymous, confidential manner. There, students can talk about everything and anything. Our volunteers undertake active listening training and adopt a neutral point of view.

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I'm a student

Are you a student? Do you feel the need to talk to another student about what you are going through? Are you looking for free counseling near you but can't find any? Do you want to learn how to take care of your mental health and have a better student experience? Are you looking to volunteer for an association? You've come to the right place! Nightline France offers several services designed for students!
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Help students

Is student mental health a cause close to your heart? Would you like to know more about Nightline's actions? Find out about our prevention and awareness-raising activities on campus, in preparatory classes and via the Sentinel programme.

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