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Listing all psychological supports dedicated to students

Nightline France is taking action in terms of prevention by creating an online directory listing all free psychological supports available to students. It's the first interactive search engine that adapts its results depending on each user. Nightline is developing this tool with the help of many universities and higher education institutions to feed the database and keep it updated all year long.
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A sustainable collaborative tool


Nightline's directory is a tool listing all psychological supports available to students in the academy of Paris, free of charge. Each student can find a map showing all dedicated structures depending on where they live and/or study. They can fill in their preferences and info (type of support, location etc) and pick a solution accordingly. All listed supports are offered by mental health professionals specifically for students.

The data listed in the directory is fed directly by the higher education institutions and universities through an online form. This enables us to share accurate information more easily and to ensure a long-term commitment from each institution.

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A beta version in the midst of a global pandemic

Nightline France decided to help students find the support they need by first creating a platform ( during the COVID-19 crisis. The success of this platform showed us how important it was to develop a tool to help all students. This project originated well before the sanitary crisis and came to life with the online directory you will find on this website!

An intiative originated by our volunteers

The will and need to provide students with a complete directory to help them find the support they need appeared clear when we realised how difficult it was for them to find accurate information regarding available supports in France.

Our volunteers often need to inform the callers of the available services and while doing so, they often see how lost some of their peers find themselves. For example, during the first lockdown, only 12.4% of students showing at least one psychological disorder said they consulted a mental health professional, and only 2.7% contacted the university health centre (JAMA, 2020).
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They helped us feed the directory

Would you like to appear in the directory?

To appear in the directory, your structure or institution needs to offer some mental health support — whether it be to welcome students, to direct them or to help students experiencing psychological distress — by professionals, for example psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, school nurses, guidance counsellor…If that's the case, all you need to do is to contact us on, and indicate the name of your structure. See you soon on the directory!