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Spotting the warning signs

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Are you worried about someone close to you? Are you wondering how they are feeling? It's probably because you've identified signs in their behaviour that they might be experiencing difficulties and distress. When someone is not feeling well, they may show a number of signs and symptoms that indicate their condition and change their usual behaviour. To help you identify if your friend is in distress and might be needing your help, here are some warning signs that you can spot.

How to spot them?

To spot these signs, trust yourself, your own feelings and behaviours: when you feel that something is wrong or that you are worried about a friend, it probably means that you have picked up on signs without realizing it. So pay attention and try to identify what made you feel that way about their behaviour. Signs that are loud and noticeable are easier to identify (crying, aggressiveness, weight loss, etc.). However, we must also be vigilant to the so-called "negative" signs that are more difficult to notice and that make us forget the person (withdrawal, silence, absence). Taken separately, these behaviours are not alarming, especially if they are transitory. For example, it is quite normal after a breakup to be sad, irritable or to have trouble sleeping. It is the accumulation of these signs or their sudden appearance that indicates the person is suffering.

Take care of your own mental health

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