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Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders

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Suffering from a psychotic disorder means that you sometimes go through moments of "disconnection" from reality, as if your brain misinterpreted signals from the environment and internal signals (body feelings, thoughts, etc.). You can then have thoughts (beliefs, perceptions, reasoning), behaviours, emotions, words, which are illogical, bizarre, strange or disorganized. There are different psychotic disorders.


It is a disease in which your brain interprets internal or external signals in an false way, resulting in a longlasting loss of contact with reality. Your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours are then disorganized, incoherent.

You may sometimes have delusional thoughts (being certain of a fact that objectively does not exist) or hallucinations (seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling things that are not real). Schizophrenia is a chronic disabling disease that impacts your daily life and relationship with others and requires medical and psychological support to get better. Adequate multi-professional support can limit its impact and allow you to maintain a satisfactory quality of life, without being overwhelmed by the disease.

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